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BJÖRK John Malkovich Ulan bator Meta and the Cornerstones Prezident Brown Ministri Calibro 35 O.R.K Belladonna Mandy Kane Haap Tomi Saario Jesse Payne Nate Maingard

and many other have used Musicraiser to engage with fans and monetise their projects

what you can do


Raise money to fund your project (album, ep, vinyl, video) and promote your release. Set your economic goal and offer your fans exclusive rewards and experiences.

Addressed to:
artists, independent record labels, special projects

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Ticket Pre-order

Convert the ticket pre-order of a show, in a highly engaging promotional campaign. Combine the ticket with merchandising or exclusive experiences and increase the revenue.

Addressed to:
events organisers, promoters, booking agencies, venues owners.

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Album Pre-order

Make the pre-order of your new album a memorable event for the fans. Offer your album together with exclusive items plus the possibility to closely participate to its making. Monetise your project when still in the production phase.

Addressed to:
established artists, record labels, distributors, managers

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Extra services


If you need to print cds, vinyls or merchandising we can provide the best deals and support for you.

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Digital distribution

Distribute your music on Spotify, iTunes and all digital platforms for free.

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White label

Do you have special requests? We can create the campaign that fits your needs, providing white label solutions for artists, managers and labels.

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Tailor made campaigns

With our consulting and technology we can build the most effective campaign for you.

Chart eligible

Your sales in all pre order campaign are chart eligible in 22 countries.

We invest in your project

We invest money in social media promotion to boost your campaign.

Musicraiser nights

From digital to analogic! Our best projects are invited to perform live at our Musicraiser Nights events.

Coverage and support

Musicraiser is available worldwide! Our services are available in 203 countries and 23 different currencies with client support 24/7

Own your data

Discover your true fans, all campaigns have a dedicated dashboard with precise information about the fans engaging with your project.

Find new fans

Musicraiser has a community with over 80K fans, artists and industry people that share and support our projects. 90% of our campaigns increase their fan base with a Musicraiser campaign.

Fulfilment support

No time to ship all items? Too busy to go to the post office? We can provide that for you with worldwide shipping!

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