We're at 100%, THANK YOU!

Published Apr 10, 2013 14:56

52 of you delightful human beings have combined and put your money where my art is, so I will be recording four songs in a London studio in early May! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this happen. You are some of the most amazing people in my world!

I have made a new video explaining what happens next, please watch it below.

Thank you for your presence.

Yours in music

1 £

Free Download of One Track From The EP

This will get you a song download from the new EP! Every little really does help :).

Plus, a free hug when I see you (you'd get this anyway, but hey, there you go)
5 £

Download Of The Full EP

You get a download of the EP before anyone else!
10 £

SIGNED PHYSICAL EP + Digital Download

You will be among the first on the planet to hold my new EP in your hands...the EP you helped to create...and it will be signed to you! Yes, I'm excited too :).
20 £

16 SONG MIX-TAPE OF MUSIC WHICH INSPIRES ME + signed EP + digital download

I will create an awesome playlist of songs which have moved, grown and inspired me over the years. I will burn it to CD and post it to you along with a signed copy of my EP & Digital EP Download.
30 £

I WILL WRITE YOU A HAIKU (short poem) + Signed EP + Digital Download

I know, this is an insanely cool offer, but I love writing haiku's and I love people listening to my music, so there you have it :).
40 £


Lyrics inspire and mesmerise me and I put my whole soul into writing mine. If you're like me and love the way words weave magic, shaping the formless imagination into a living coalescence of shapes and colours, then I think you'll enjoy a hand-written song of mine (written on lovely paper with my blue fountain pen).
Plus you get the signed EP and digital download :)!
45 £


This is an incredible and unique piece of artwork created for me by Spanish artist Amedee (
50 £

I WILL TEACH YOU A SONG OVER SKYPE + Signed EP + Digital Download

I will teach you to play a song via skype (or live if our paths cross). This is obviously dependant on your skills as a musician, but I will do my best to accommodate all levels!
100 £

EVERYTHING UP TO THIS POINT + A Skype Concert Just For You

You heard me right, this is an awesome offer!
For £100 you will receive a personal online Skype Concert...
PLUS: Digital Download of my EP + signed EP + 16 Song Mix-tape of Music Which Inspires Me + I will write you a Haiku + Hand-Written Lyrics to a Song Of Mine Of Your Choice + Limited Edition Custom Artwork!
250 £


This will be your song, to do with as you will. I will record it at home and send it to you and forevermore you will have a song that is yours alone.
350 £

PRIVATE SHOW AT YOUR HOUSE + signed EP + digital download

I will play a concert for you and your friends at your house anywhere in the world (exclusive of travel costs, which may be nothing if I'm in your area anyway sometime).
1,000 £

MY EP WILL BE DEDICATED TO YOU + Private Show At Your Home + Signed EP + Digital Download + Limited Edition Custom Artwork

This album will happen because you believe in me enough to make it so. Thank you!

I will be honoured to come and play a show at your home (excluding travel costs)
1,000 £

DON'T LIKE MY BEARD? Now's your chance to have me shave it off! + Signed EP + Digital Download + Limited Edition Custom Artwork)

Yup, £1000 is how much my beard is worth to me and if you offer that much, I will shave it right I'll film myself doing it and upload it to youtube for the whole world to see!
I'll even post the homeless bristles to you if you so desire...I mean, you did pay for them to be removed from my face!
2,000 £

THE WHOLE SHEBANG (everything above except beard shaving)

Holy heavens above, this is the whole big one time amazingness, may it bring you joy for all your days!
Travel expenses to be agreed upon...write to
If it's close I'll pay, if it's far I'll pay half and if it's really far...well, let's just talk about it :).

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