A Musicraiser project does more than raise money for your music. It strengthen your relationship with fans!

What is Musicraiser crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the tool that allows an artist to create a new musical project. Tell your story, engage your fans and find new listeners thanks to a fundraising campaign to fund your music, promoting it even before it's produced.

Who can I get pledges from?

Thousand of people visit Musicraiser every week, our community has over 180,000 raisers registered on the platform! At the beginning, support will always come from the people you know. Friends, fans and people who have always followed you probably will be your biggest resources for spreading the word about your project.

How much work is it to run a project?

Each project on Musicraiser has its share of exciting and stimulating moments and the amount of work generally depends on the size and complexity of the project. The first few days after the launch will be important to better spread the campaign in your network of contacts, answer the questions of potential supporters and actively involve them in the project.

Who will guide me during the campaign?

A campaign manager will immediately contact you to understand and help you to create your project. The artist decides, along with the campaign manager, an economic goal to be achieved through the provision of exclusive rewards for the fans.

Why Musicraiser?

Because we are the biggest platform for musical crowdfunding in Italy.
In the first six years of activity we have funded more than 1700 projects for over 6 million euros: albums, EPs, tours, videoclips, vinyl edition, live events and any other project that has music at its center. We guide the artists during their crowdfunding campaigns to realize their next musical project.

All-or-nothing funding works!
If the economic goal is reached in time (usually two months), you will receive the funds raised and you will be able to realize your project and deliver to your fans the rewards booked during the campaign. If the goal is not reached, all funds raised are returned to the raiser. Launching a campaign on Musicraiser is completely free: only if the campaign reaches its economic goal, we will apply a commission of 15 % (+ VAT and transaction costs) on the total amount collected. On average, successful campaigns reach 130% of the initial goal.

Because we believe in young talents!
From 2018 Musicraiser with other important Italian music companies gives life to Futurissima, the new home for young talents under 30. Futurissima is a management agency that aims to offer 20 artists everything they need to develop their artistic project in the best way, taking care of the whole world around the world their music: record, booking, promotion, publishing, etc. Thanks to the Futurissima Speed ​​Up every artist can get the chance to present himself in front of the Futurissima team for an audition and get the chance to have a record deal.

Are you interested?

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