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What does "Creator" mean?

Creator is the one who creates a crowdfunding campaign on Musicraiser. It can be an artist, a band, a label, a promoter, and all those who want to make a project where there is music, in any form or derivation.

What does "Crowdfunding" mean?

It is the service that Musicraiser offers to the Creators to receive microfunding by Raisers,
giving the Raisers exclusive rewards in exchange.

What does "Raiser" mean?

The person who contributes financially to the realization of crowdfunding campaigns on
Musicraiser in exchange for exclusive rewards designed and delivered directly from the creators of
projects (Creators).

Basic Information

Can I delete my account on Musicraiser?

Yes, using the button "Disable Account".

Do I have to pay to register to Musicraiser and/or submit a project?

No, services are free.

Does Musicraiser own intellectual property rights over what is published on the site by the Creator?

No. For more information please see the Terms and Conditions of Use.

I forgot my password, what can I do?

You can recover your password at this link.

Musicraiser what does it earn?

Musicraiser applies a 15% commission (+vat and transaction costs) on the collected money for a standard crowdfunding campaign.

What are the rewards?

All that the Creator will give to the Raisers in exchange for a financial contribution. They can be
items or services, performances, physical or digital.

What is Musicraiser?

The digital platform where you can create or participate in the making of musical projects through the instrument of crowdfunding.

What types of liability does Musicraiser have?

Musicraiser is only an intermediary between users and is solely responsible for its software platform.
For more information, go to the Terms and Conditions of Use.

When a campaign ends, what happens?

All or nothing: when a campaign reaches or exceeds the full collection target, the
Creator will receive the sum to complete the project and deliver the rewards to Raisers.

If the campaign does not reach 100% the Creator does not receive the fixed sum (minimum target
collection) and Raisers who contributed will be refunded at no additional cost.

Who can submit a project?

Almost everyone: just be registered on the site and be at least 18 years old.

Who can support projects?

Everyone who is at least 18 years old.

In the case of minors between 13 and 18 years of age, consent is required from the parents.

Who is Musicraiser?

Musicraiser is an idea of ​​Giovanni Gulino, singer and author of Marta Sui Tubi, and Tania Varuni, dj, promoter and founder of Secret Concerts. Musicraiser’s staff consists of a team of professionals in the music business.


Can I start a campaign if I have deal with a record label?

Yes, we work with independent and signed artists.

Can you take care of the printing of CDs, Vinyls, merchandising?

Yes, we can. If you need a quote, contact us here:

How long should my campaign last?

A crowdfunding campaign can last up to 60 days. There is no minimum length durations it all depends on how much urgency you want to communicate.

How much can I raise with a Musicraiser campaign?

It depends upon various factors. The strength of your campaign will be given by the originality of your project and how you communicate it.
Discover the potential of your Musicraiser campaign with our unique Crowdfunding Calculator.

How much it cost to publish a campaign on Musicraiser?

It costs nothing: we invest our time and resources in your project!

How much Musicraiser holds on a successful campaign?

Musicraiser applies a 15% commission (+vat and transaction costs) on the collected money for a standard crowdfunding campaign.

What are the levels of Musicraiser Accelerator?

You can find all the details about the 7 level of Musicraiser Accelerator here.

What are the Musicraiser Accelerator terms and conditions?

You can read the Musicraiser Accelerator terms and conditions by visiting this page.

What if I do not reach 100%?

In this case, fans will be refunded. If instead you’ll overcome the 100%, better for you!

What is Musicraiser Accelerator?

Artists who join the Musicraiser Accelerator receive our support for the creation of a customized crowdfunding campaign to be published directly on the Musicraiser platform.
During the campaign, 7 different promotional levels can be unlocked according to the number of raisers involved (i.e. persons who book one or more rewards created by the artist). Each level consists of unique services offered by Musicraiser, which aim to enhance and give more visibility to the artist's project.

What kind of contents and items can I offer?

All that can be linkable to you and your project. In the case of an album, you can offer it as a reward, maybe signed with a customized artwork. Or you can offer exclusive merchandising or experience to share with your fans. Plus, we allow viewing of exclusive video contents to those who participate in your campaign with “Video Access” service. If you like, our Explore section is full of successful campaigns from which you can gather inspiration to think your personal rewards.The more they are original more they will be engaging.

What other benefits do I have?

Your work will reach a community of over 150,000 raisers, within which there are already more than 210 record labels, 180 managers, 400 concert organizers and +10,000 musicians. Professionals and fans: what your music needs.

When will my fans receive the rewards of the campaign?

Once realized your project, you can start the delivery of all rewards. Always inform expect delivery dates for each reward.

Who can create a crowdfunding campaign?

Whether you are an independent artist or an international rock star, it doesn’t matter: crowdfunding is democratic! If you have a musical project to be funded and want to expand your fan base, this is the right way to choose.

Who deals with the shipment of rewards?

The Creator needs to take care of all the shipments.

Who has already used Musicraisert?

Bjork, Planet Funk, Paradise Lost, Meta and Cornerstones, Tomi Saario, Jesse Payne, Nate Maingard and many others.

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